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For years organisations with KPIs have not had the focus, adaptability, innovation and profitability that they were seeking. KPIs were ill conceived, mislabelled and misused.

This mayhem stemmed from a complete lack of understanding of their critical success factors. Whilst most organizations know their success factors, few organizations have:

  • worded their success factors appropriately
  • segregated out success factors from their strategic initiatives
  • sifted through the success factors to find their critical ones - their critical success factors
  • communicated the critical success factors to staff

In these trying times knowing your CSFs maybe the deciding factor in survival. If your organization has not completed a thorough exercise to know its critical success factors (CSFs) performance management cannot possibly function. Performance measurement, monitoring and reporting will be a random process creating an army of measurers producing numerous numbing reports, full of measures which monitor progress in a direction very remote from the organization’s strategy.

This cutting-edge white paper is available for purchase at $250 NZD each. This white paper has over $100,000 of consultancy time invested, and evolved through interaction with over 5,000 workshop attendees, working in management since early 1980 and meeting with influential thought leaders. This paper is not a regurgitation of other writer's work.

This white paper includes templates, checklists, workshop agendas, etc to help you implement the changes required. The white paper is sent in hardcopy and the templates included in the paper are made available electronically when you receive the whitepaper.

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Some relevant success stories
  3. So what are Critical Success Factors
  4. Finding the CSFs is part of a twelve step process
  5. Identifying organisation-wide critical success factors
  6. Finding the CSFs through a 'relationship mapping' process
  7. How I organise the critical success factor workshop
  8. Communicating the CSFs to the Staff and its impact
  9. Brainstorming performance measures
  10. Report progress in the organisation's CSFs
  11. Immediate next steps
  12. Writer's biography
  13. Appendix 1: Where to look for your success factors
  14. Appendix 2: Letter invite from the CEO
  15. Appendix 3: Success factors workshop planning checklist
  16. Appendix 4 Workshop instructions
  17. Appendix 5: Success Factor matrix